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We could not be happier with the progress our son has made thanks to the two different speech therapists he has worked with at Speech Beginnings. When I first contacted Speech Beginnings two years ago, we had been told that our son had a roughly 0-25% chance of speaking normally, and “ready for kindergarten” seemed like a pipe dream for him ever, let alone on time. What a difference two years with Speech Beginnings made! Now, he has plenty to say for himself. We so appreciate everyone at Speech Beginnings. They have made a huge difference to our whole family.
-D & C Manning

Our entire experience with Speech Beginnings was fantastic from start to finish. The company is well organized and quick to respond to inquiries and works to find someone who can fit your schedule. Our therapist, Amy, bonded with our daughter (age 5 when we started) right away. Caroline looked forward to her time with “Miss Amy” every week. While she thought they were just having fun together, we saw steady and consistent progress in Caroline’s speech. Amy kept us updated weekly on how she was progressing and gave us helpful advice on how to support Caroline during the time between sessions. When she “graduated” from therapy, Caroline cried because she wanted to keep spending time with one of her favorite people! I continue to recommend Speech Beginnings to anyone seeking speech therapy services for their children.
-Lisa R.

I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Speech Beginnings, and our speech therapist Melissa, in particular. Our pediatrician recommended Speech Beginnings to us when our son, Ben, was experiencing a speech delay at the age of 2.  On a weekly basis, Melissa would come to our house and spend 45 minutes working with Ben (and us) as we worked together on improving his speech. She was always so engaged during the sessions, providing valuable tips for us to use during the week and pointing out areas where Ben had improved that we simply hadn’t noticed given our busy lives!  Over the course of the months we worked with her, Ben’s speech improved dramatically. He now speaks at an age-appropriate level and I attribute that to the work of and tips provided by Melissa.  Also, on a personal note, Melissa is just about the kindest/sweetest person I have ever met and is excellent with toddlers – Ben simply loved her and always looked forward to Tuesday nights with “Miss Melis”!
-Sarah, Falls Church VA

My 9-year-old daughter was struggling with a lisp so we turned to Speech Beginnings.  I knew the local preschool my daughter attended when she was younger had worked with Speech Beginnings.  We met weekly with Amy and she was terrific.  She has an easy and natural way with children and made the sessions FUN.  My daughter never complained about therapy and instead looked forward to Amy’s arrival.  She kept me updated on my daughter’s progress at the end of each session, gave me tips on how to help her during the week, was always on time and well organized.  The Speech Beginnings office was always quick to respond to any questions I had and was very easy to work with.  I highly recommend Speech Beginnings and especially Amy!
-Bryn B.

We would highly recommend Speech Beginnings to any family seeking speech therapy for a child. The option to have home-based therapy was wonderful as we were able to see and reinforce the exercises that our therapist Amy was working on with our son. Amy was not only an expert in our son’s particular speech issue, but was also able to quickly establish rapport with him, and was always engaging and energetic. He loved working with her as each session presented him with different tools, types of exercises, and games. He made remarkable progress in a short period of time due to how much fun each session was for him—he didn’t even realize how much practice he was getting at the proper tongue placement. Jamey (the Director) and Amy were responsive and professional at every step in the process and we are extremely pleased with the results and the overall speech therapy experience.
-A.H., parent in Alexandria

Our daughter needed additional speech therapy to supplement the services she was receiving at her local public school. I needed a speech therapy office that was convenient and accessible for my daughter who is in a wheelchair. I did some online research and was pleased to find that Speech Beginnings had the option of a therapist coming right to our home. I was relieved I did not have to deal with traffic, the hassle of trying to find handicap parking, or the need to struggle with accessibility. When I reached out to Jamey she immediately called me and we discussed our unique situation. The therapist she teamed us up with was the perfect match.  We have worked with Speech Beginnings for over 2-1/2 years with great results. Jamey and her team of therapists were very positive, professional, and understanding. I would definitely recommend Speech Beginnings to anyone who needs convenient, professional and caring speech therapy services.
-Karen S.

My 8-year-old son was struggling with pronouncing Rs (and other related tongue-forming letters like Ls, etc).
Ms. Amy did an initial assessment of him (her keeping him on task during the assessment was a feat in and of itself as he has ADD). Her demeanor won him over. Her explanations about how we form words and the consonant blends was truly eye-opening. I understood her process with him and was so grateful for the insight. Ms. Amy consistently worked wonders, week after week, with my son. The way she interacted with him was so goal-oriented and so kind yet consistently directed. Several family members have been able to watch Ms. Amy’s magic and all echo what I have said above.
-Leah Mattson

In 3rd grade, my son, Tim, switched elementary schools and Jamey became his speech therapist. Within just a few months we saw remarkable improvement. Her skilled therapeutic knowledge and technique and her gentle, reassuring presence made him feel comfortable and safe. Jamey was also able to identify and ease the anxiety he was experiencing – a significant factor in his daily struggle with his speech difficulties, She boosted his self-confidence (and worked in extra practice time) by having him in as a “guest reader” for her young students.

Tim graduated from high school this year and when he received his diploma, he gave an impromptu speech thanking those who had taken the time to help him on his sometimes difficult journey through school – he fondly remembered Jamey as one of the few adults from his childhood who worked hard and cared deeply.
-Beth Silver
Parent, Educator and Founder – The 101 Project

I found Jamey to be informed and caring about my daughter’s learning differences. She quickly addressed the issues and had a game plan in place for success. It sure takes a weight off your shoulders when you see a child who has struggled become a child who succeeds. In a day and age with so many children learning in different ways I would highly suggest Jamey as the person to help pull the best out of your child. She did with mine.
-Heather Wombacher, mother to Avery

We were truly blessed to have found Ms. Jamey Lord and to benefit from her nurturing and caring approach for our 4 year old’s speech issues. He now speaks with more clarity, diction and articulation. We have seen progress in leaps and bounds and feel total confidence in her work. His own confidence and interaction have also improved in school and with his friends. We highly recommend her!
-Luis & Eugenia, parents of Diego Mateo

We are so grateful for all of the help you have given Peter. We have seen a great improvement in his language skills since we began working with you. We are lucky to have found you as a teacher for him because you do such a great job and are so caring and professional!
-A. Litwiller & T. Nordby, parents

Thank you so much! Ms. Amy was so great for our daughter and we already miss her.  There has been an amazing improvement in her speech over the last year and we are really grateful for the speed with which you got back to me and got the evaluation process started.  Thanks again!
-Susan M., parent

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